Video reading – Donna and Dermot on the Move

Me reading ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’ – my children’s picture book on living in the present.

Reading from my children's picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move. It is about a girl and her dog and the happiness of living in the moment. Available on Amazon or a signed copy from me 🙂 A recent blog post from Michele Marie Liddle of about the book. Michele said: Donna and Dermot is a book about mindfulness for children. I think this is so important for children as sometimes being a Child especially in this age of Youtube, Facebook etc they have alot of technology not like when I was their age when my biggest thoughts where about playing in the woods with my friends.I know 5 year olds that have YouTube channels and are always wanting the latest phone. It always makes me think about when I was five if I had a phone who would be in my contact list, it would have been my mum and grandparents that would have been it. Today that isn’t the case these children have probably more contacts than me as they all have phones.So for someone to create a book that teaches children about being mindful is an amazing thing. This book is about Donna who is loving life in the countryside then her parents get a job in the city and once there all Donna can see is the negative, she gets so involved in the negative that she doesn’t realise the amazing new things that are going on around her. Donna comes up with a plan to get back to the countryside by saving her pennies to get on the train and back to her grandparents, now I wont ruin the ending for you but as an adult reading this book I even managed to take away from it an important message.No matter what we have in life that is going on good or bad, it is important that we sometimes take a moment to sit there and breathe. Actually see what is going on around you and it may actually make you realise that the important stuff, the stuff that really matters is with you always no matter where you go!I would also like to add that any child would love this story, Dermot is a lovely little character and the illustrations are beautiful. Perfect bedtime story.

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I shall be signing copies at the Totnes Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival, Civic Hall, Totnes on 15 September.