Bach Flower Remedies

agrimonychicoryFlower remedies are specially prepared flower essences, containing the healing energy of plants.

The flower has always been regarded and used as a symbol of beauty and the development of the highest faculties. Examples are the rose as used by the Rosicrucians and Sufis, and the thousand-petalled lotus in Hindu philosophy.

The Tibetan Master Djwal Kul taught that there is a direct link between man’s unconscious and the plant kingdom. Man is therefore able to contact his own essential nature of Higher Self at an unconscious level, through plant nature, and so restore harmony within himself.

There are many kinds of flower remedies. The system I have been fortunate to study is perhaps the most famous and widely used which is the Bach (pronounced Batch) flower remedies. This system originated in the 1920s when British physician and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1886–1936), noticed that patients with physical complaints often seemed to be suffering from anxiety or some kind of negative emotion.

He concluded that assessing a patient’s emotional disposition and prescribing an appropriate flower essence could treat the physical illness. Bach was a qualified medical doctor, but he also practiced homeopathy.

Dr Bach’s 38 remedies use certain plants of ‘a higher order’, each being directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Up to six or seven remedies can be used at the same time, some people have felt they need more and so have used more.

The remedies work by flooding out negative feelings and emotions. Sometimes the emotions that are dealt with have been repressed and in order to clear them they have to be cleansed from the system. On very rare occasions this can take the form of a rash, or unexpected feelings may be stirred up. Where such things do occur there is no reason to stop taking the remedies.

‘Heal Thyself’ is at the very heart of the Bach philosophy, for in the final instance it is we ourselves, and the ‘divine healing power’ within us, that permit and enable healing.

“Wonderful as it may seem, relieve your patient of the mood or moods such as are given in this system of healing, and your patient is better” – Dr Edward Bach, 1936