The power of EFT

A recent client testimonial from Sandra which shows how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) can be so powerful:

“I’ve had three sessions with Hilda and all of them changed something deep inside. I literally cannot be the same person I was before every session. A little bit of my soul was released and had more space to move inside, and that has been shown and manifested with more freedom to move in different ways, from moving my hands in new ways and saying “That’s enough” in spaces when that I was not even aware of what was happening. I am thankful for the new understanding, releases and subtle deep transformation Hilda brought into my life.”

For anxiety, phobias, addiction, low self esteem, energy blocks, procrastination, financial issues and so much more, EFT can help. Call me for more info or to book your session today. Sessions can be carried out via Skype/Zoom globally.