Subtle, deep and life changing

“I’ve had three sessions with Hilda and all of them changed something deep inside. I literally cannot be the same person I was before every session. A little bit of my soul was released and had more space to move inside, and that has been shown and manifested with more freedom to move in different ways, from moving my hands in new ways and saying “That’s enough” in spaces when that I was not even aware of what was happening. I am thankful for the new understanding, releases and subtle deep transformation Hilda brought into my life.”  Sandra Guedes, March 2018


Rahanni healing with Hilda

“The healing session with Hilda was deeply relaxing and any tensions in my body
dissolved. I slept deeply that evening and the pain in my shoulder and arm was much
relieved. Great for stress reduction.” Maia Tooke, Totnes, February 2018


“During my recent Rahanni healing with Hilda at Totnes I felt like the tension was being drawn out of me. I felt tired and relaxed after the treatment and had a very good, sound night’s sleep, just as I did after the first treatment. For relaxation I would recommend it to anyone”.  Lyn, December 2017.

A Healing Experience

“Hilda’s combination of deep tissue work and intuitive energy balancing are just right for
me. My second treatment included Rahanni healing which I’d not experienced before.
She was very careful to explain it’s powerful detoxifying effect and that I should drink
plenty of water and rest for the remainder of the day. I felt very much ‘cared for’ [I’m
usually doing the caring] and the following morning woke refreshed and energised. As a
therapist myself I set very high standards and Hilda meets these in every way.” 
She Coombes, Dec 2017


“I wanted to update you after my beautiful massage with you the other day
My lower back and neck pain have completely gone !! How great is that!!
Thank you so much. I have already booked another one at the beginning of October. I am still going through a lot of physical and emotional stuff but your massage and healing has set me on the road to recovery.” Mair, October 2017

Testimonials from the ‘How to reduce the effects of electropollution workshop’ – September 2017

“I really enjoyed the EMF workshop. It contained a lot of useful, practical and unusual information to help boost your health and deal with daily issues around EMFs. I found it inspiring to meet, listen to and share stories with others who are dealing with this area and who are working towards creating a healthier and more aware world for us all.” Claire

“The workshop was very relevant and informative. Hilda quietly held and guided the participants and contributors so that the full programme was achieved.” DW

“Really useful. The energy exercises clarified a lot, very beneficial. Thank you for loads of additional information on protection – invaluable.” Margaret

Toni Turner: “Most of us feel helpless with regard to our increased exposure to EMFs – forced upon us. Consequently any advice on how to reduce that exposure is most welcome. That is why the recent EMF workshop held in Totnes giving a range of advice on reducing our exposure including technical approaches and shielding materials was most helpful”.


Hilda knows exactly what she is doing and is very calm and grounded with her experience. We choose music and base oil. And then (massage-qualified myself) we know what’s next: bliss and equally powerful muscle shouting….I know of nobody who would not benefit from a treatment with Hilda….I never realised how urgent it was for me to stretch out for a deep mind and body workout. Neil

Great experience!

 We both had a half an hour full body massage. We felt the service Hilda provided was of a great quality. She created a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which made the whole experience very pleasurable. Hilda responded really well to our requests and tailored her massage to our needs. We felt fresh and relaxed after the massage and we finished the whole experience with a lovely lunch in Totnes. We will definitely be back. Thank you Hilda. Joanna and Millie

I was introduced to tapping (EFT) as part of a wellness programme when I was struggling to regain my sense of self after a life-threatening illness.  As a scientist, I was very sceptical at first, and I could not fathom how this process could work.  My first session was lead by a qualified instructor (Hilda Kalap), and I immediately felt its benefit, as well as recognised areas where I was really struggling.  I signed up to a 21 day online challenge which included a new lesson topic each day and used the same methodology that I had originally learned.  I can only say that each day brought up new emotions and areas of clarity that was totally unexpected to me. 

Whilst I cannot claim to explain the science behind it, I believe it is a powerful tool for focusing our minds by using ritual and rhythm in sensitive areas of our bodies and actively and directly focusing on negative feelings to look for the insights and opportunities. The fact that the technique is so simple to learn in itself is a powerful part of finding nearly immediate relief or at least a reduction in stress levels and anxiety.

I’m still very new to this process, so being guided by Hilda or a video or set of instructions is really helpful, but I can see that one day I will be able to work through problems on my own using this technique.  I do need to overcome the obstacle of finding a safe place to practice when I can feel comfortable doing so, but I also feel over time I will become less self-conscious about it. Paula

A lovely setting, in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Hilda listened to exactly what my back complaints were, and adapted the massage to address these. The price was really good, and in general I felt relaxed and much more comfortable afterwards. Anna

The treatment room was nicely appointed and warm. I have been suffering from general upper and lower back pain. After a very competent and thorough massage, which took over an hour,things were greatly improved. I have had several more treatments, and am enjoying a relatively pain free time. I would strongly recommend Hilda Kalap. A.B.

Hilda, Many thanks for the excellent Swedish massage last weekend. You really have a gift and that with your compassionate nature and gentle touch is a wonderful combination. If I lived in the area I would be there for regular treatments. To all those who live anywhere near to you I can recommend they come to you for a session. Good luck in all you do.

Eva Smithee-Rowe

I cannot rate this lady enough… since the first time I had reiki from her I felt her healing. She has done various practices on me all of which have been beneficial. Yesterday I felt out of sorts. From hormonal changes. Bereavement issues and emotional burdens. As well as sciatica. Hilda worked on me last night. Today I woke smiling and feel like tigger! ! Utter transformation. She has a gift. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!! Kath Thornborough

“After a particularly stressful week I really wanted to relax and unwind.  An Indian head massage was what I needed – and thanks to Hilda, it was just perfect. Hilda’s preparation, attention to detail and her sensitive approach put me at ease and I was soon totally relaxed – and afterwards I felt completely re-energised. Thank you Hilda.”  H.H.

“I have chronic pain in my back and have had osteoporosis and scoliosis for years. Hilda did a thorough consultation and the Indian head massage worked wonders in relieving the stiffness and tension.” O.S.

In 2015 and 2016 I was a volunteer massage therapist at the Glastonbury Festival Disability Field. Here is some feedback:

“Hilda was very professional, caring and has made me feel better. Thank you”

“Fantastic, I feel completely relaxed”

“Fabulous treatment. Very relaxed. Hilda found spots of tension and gently released them. Felt looked after”

“Feel as if pain chasing really worked and foot massage helped relax”

“Fantastic massage, a very therapeutic experience”

“Very relaxing and pleasurable service, really great for relaxing and enjoying the festival”

“Fab – ten out of ten”