Rahanni Healing

What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?

‘Rahanni’ means, ‘of one heart’. It is a form of healing that helps to release negative feelings such as anger and fear so that we are more open to giving and receiving love and compassion.

Rahanni is about balance of our mind and body.

‘Rahanni’ helps:

  • Balance the masculine and feminine aspects of every man, woman and child.
  • It is possible to release our fears and any negative energy that we have accumulated from our experiences
  • It can help us with communication and to gain control over our lives.


Why is Rahanni different?

The difference is in the vibration. Rahanni works on a higher level therefore healing in a much deeper way. The practitioner will use a number of hand positions just above or on the body. Clients are clothed during the session.

Although Rahanni is thousands of years old it is a ‘new’ healing for the ‘Age of Aquarius’. Bringing truth, love and compassion, helping to change the consciousness and opening the hearts of every man, woman and child.

This brings inner peace to the mind and a possible healing to the physical body.


Who can benefit?

Everyone! Especially children.

They are open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit those children diagnosed with hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder

The client’s body will decide how much of the healing light is required.

It is understood healing of the physical body can be felt along with a possible balancing of the mental and emotional issues.

You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy.

Animals will also benefit, they have no problem accepting the healing light.

Distant healing can also be given and testimonials have shown it to be very powerful.

Next Practitioner course 10th November in Torquay.