Price List



£50 for 75 minutes (initial consultation)

£40 for 60 minutes (follow up sessions)

£25 for 30 minutes (reiki and massage)


Children (14 years and under)

£35 for 45 minutes


I offer a free 20 minute phone/Skype consultation to discuss any therapies I offer and to answer your questions.

I work from the Totnes Natural Health Centre

There is a 100% fee for a cancellation within 24 hours of an appointment.


One thought on “Price List

  1. Julia

    Hi HIlda
    I wonder whether you would be able to help my son Ben. He has had depression for some time. He has been offered anti psychotic medication but refuses to take it.
    He is not functioning.
    He currently thinks that candida is the cause of his problems and is trying to follow a strict anti fungal sort of diet. I think that it would help him to have support from someone who knows that they are doing. I can support him and do but I am not qualified, just aware. We live in Plymouth.

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