Massage in Totnes

Since moving to Devon 18 months ago I have been fortunate to have established a holistic health practice in Totnes. I offer massage in Totnes from the Arcturus Clinic and the Totnes Natural Health Centre. The three kinds of massage I offer are: Swedish holistic body massage, Indian head massage and Thai hand and foot massage.

I see clients with many health conditions including stress, back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries. For two years I volunteered as a massage therapist in the Disability Field at the Glastonbury Music Festival, seeing 20 people with a wide range of disabilities during the four days I was there. This experience was deeply rewarding and added to the knowledge I needed to live and work in Totnes, which is at the forefront of bodywork and energy work.

Since then I have been recognised for my work by both the Centre of Excellence (finalist in their awards 2017) and the Total Wellness Club, a kind of TripAdvisor for the wellness industry. Last year I won the Therapies category in their annual Health Heroes Award which was a lovely surprise.

If you would like more information about the benefits of massage and are in Totnes then please get in touch.