Complementary health for survivors of Grenfell

So it’s been six months since the Grenfell Tower Fire in June where at least 71 people tragically perished. The investigations and legal activity continue and at the same time Jane Lawson has set up a new team of complementary therapists called Complementary Support Teams UK (Therapists) which I have had the privilege of joining recently. This weekend I was at The Curve Community Centre located in the shadow of the blackened tower providing free complementary health therapies such as massage, Rahanni Celestial Healing, and Eden Energy Medicine. The survivors showed such gratitude it brought tears to my eyes as I was only too glad to help. I also helped stressed staff working at the centre when I had some spare slots. Here is Carmaine Walker, a child activity worker, relaxed after her session.

The survivors all have sleep deprivation – waking up in the middle of the night, night after night, survivor guilt, panic attacks, nightmares, depression and anxiety, pain in their shoulders as if they carry the weight of the world, pains in their knees, respiratory problems, shattered nerves and so the list goes on……..

In the midst of all this the survivors I saw are all still living in temporary accommodation with no indication of when they will be permanently re-homed. Most ate a reasonable diet before, now they are located in strange areas where they eat mostly fast food, have gained weight, feel lethargic and rarely exercise. The policies they are governed by sometimes change on a weekly or even more regular basis. Some lived in nearby towers which shared the same boiler as Grenfell and which still has to be replaced before they can move back in. They are not sure when that will happen.

There are activities being offered by other groups such as yoga, drama, balloon making – thanks Magic Liz – a kids camp but the atmosphere feels loaded with tension, sadness and powerlessness.

Today film director Steve McQueen will be filming the tower from a helicopter for a future non-commercial project where the film will be shown in a museum to stand as memory of the tragedy that was allowed to happen. And should never be allowed to happen again.

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