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Founder of World Health Heroes blogs my children’s picture book

Can you or your child benefit by being more in the present? My picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move is about how better mental health comes from living in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or future.

A blog from Owen Morgan Whh, founder of World Health Heroes and little Ezra. This made me smile!


Continue your spiritual journey with Rahanni

Do you practise Reiki or are you wanting to help others with your healing touch? I am running a certified Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner course at the The Arcturus Clinic in Totnes. The dates are 30th September and 14th October. Contact me if you feel drawn to do this.

It is a healing modality of balance: of the mind, body and spirit and of the male and female aspects in all of us. It helps to release negative emotions such as fear and anger, replacing them with love and compassion.

Especially good for children with ADHD and autism.

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Meeting the celestial being that is Carol Anne Stacey yesterday! Carol is the founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am a Rahanni teacher and will be running classes to train in this wonderful healing modality very soon. Rahanni means ‘Of One Heart’. Come to find out more about how Rahanni Celestial Healing helps to release fear, anger and hate to replace it with truth, love and compassion at my talk this Saturday (15th Sept) at the Holistic Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival.

Rahanni is a healing that bring balance to mind, body and spirit.


Affordable complementary health with World Health Heroes


If you would like a complementary therapy session but the cost is out of reach, please get in touch as I am now a World Health Heroes. This amazing organisation can help make complementary health more affordable and top up the cost of a session.

I am based in South Devon and offer massage, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) and more.

Some therapies like Emotional Freedom Techniques and Rahanni Celestial Healing can be offered remotely.


Video reading – Donna and Dermot on the Move

Me reading ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’ – my children’s picture book on living in the present.

Reading from my children's picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move. It is about a girl and her dog and the happiness of living in the moment. Available on Amazon or a signed copy from me 🙂 A recent blog post from Michele Marie Liddle of about the book. Michele said: Donna and Dermot is a book about mindfulness for children. I think this is so important for children as sometimes being a Child especially in this age of Youtube, Facebook etc they have alot of technology not like when I was their age when my biggest thoughts where about playing in the woods with my friends.I know 5 year olds that have YouTube channels and are always wanting the latest phone. It always makes me think about when I was five if I had a phone who would be in my contact list, it would have been my mum and grandparents that would have been it. Today that isn’t the case these children have probably more contacts than me as they all have phones.So for someone to create a book that teaches children about being mindful is an amazing thing. This book is about Donna who is loving life in the countryside then her parents get a job in the city and once there all Donna can see is the negative, she gets so involved in the negative that she doesn’t realise the amazing new things that are going on around her. Donna comes up with a plan to get back to the countryside by saving her pennies to get on the train and back to her grandparents, now I wont ruin the ending for you but as an adult reading this book I even managed to take away from it an important message.No matter what we have in life that is going on good or bad, it is important that we sometimes take a moment to sit there and breathe. Actually see what is going on around you and it may actually make you realise that the important stuff, the stuff that really matters is with you always no matter where you go!I would also like to add that any child would love this story, Dermot is a lovely little character and the illustrations are beautiful. Perfect bedtime story.

Gepostet von Hilda Kalap am Mittwoch, 29. August 2018


I shall be signing copies at the Totnes Wellbeing and Natural Crafts Festival, Civic Hall, Totnes on 15 September.


Proud to be a World Health Hero

In August 2018 I became a member of World Health Heroes.

World Health Heroes Limited develops wellbeing teams nationwide to form the World Health Heroes Clinic Service, which will help people deliver discounted complementary therapies to local communities and people who need them most.  At the same time World Health Heroes will look to help part fund the treatment to allow their members to be paid what is needed.

The heroes believe in bringing an expansive range of complementary health therapies, alternative treatments and spiritual guidance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Find out more here –


Donna and Dermot featured in She Steps Up blog


I am delighted that my picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move has been featured in a blog by Michele Marie Liddle at She Steps Up.

Here is a link to Michele’s blog:


I hope more children will benefit from the mindfulness in the book.

Thanks as ever to Jamie O’Neill for bringing my words to life with her wonderful illustrations.


The new Helo Extense – the world’s first non-invasive blood sugar monitoring device

My grandfather died of diabetes in his 50s and so this issue is close to my heart and I want to help those with this condition to manage it better and even reverse it. This is possible.

This is the Helo Extense, the world’s first non-invasive blood sugar monitoring device! No more pricking. It measures via the capillaries in your finger. If you want more info about the product or a new online diabetes reversal programme then please get in touch with me

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Meet the 3 foot Donna and Dermot at Lupton House this summer

Date for your diary – Lupton Holistic Festival 2018 4th and 5th August. I shall be reading from my picture books in the Donna and Dermot series including Donna and Dermot on the Move which is about mindfulness. Also debuting the 3 foot versions of the main characters for your little ones to meet. They have been made by the wonderfully talented Beck Tallamy of Tall Amy Bags. See you there.

#luptonhouse #picturebooks #naturalhealth

Meeting Anita Moorjani

The awesome Anita Moorjani signing a book for me at her workshop in Bristol on 2 June. I gave her a signed copy of my picture book on mindfulness ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move‘. Enthralled by her idea of opening healing sanctuaries for those with chronic, long term illnesses.

Anita is a cancer survivor. She had a near death experience in 2006, and wrote about it in her best selling book ‘Dying to be Me’ published by Hay House. Here she chronicles her journey from what was classified as terminal cancer back to health.

Her second book ‘What if this is Heaven’ discusses changing the current paradigm of our conventional healthcare system to focus on health rather than illness. She is currently writing her third book.

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Totnes Health and Wellbeing Festival this weekend

I will be at the Totnes Civic Hall this Saturday (19th May) for the Health and Wellness Festival.  If you would like a 30 minute Reiki healing session with me then this is the place. I will be there from 10 am to 5 pm and look forward to meeting you.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can assist with anxiety, stress and pain.

I will also be offering Rahanni Celestial healing. This is similar to Reiki and balances the male and female aspects in all of us and opens up our heart centres to give and receive more love and compassion.

Come and hear me speak about both Reiki and Rahanni during the day.

Dartmouth Chronicle features World Book Night Event

An article from ‘The Dartmouth Chronicle’  of the recent World Book Night where I was a speaker.


It was inspiring to listen to fellow writers such as Philip Reeve and Elizabeth Ducie. Philip’s book ‘Mortal Engines’ is being made into a film by director Peter Jackson and is out this December.

World Book Night and my picture book

What a sunny happy day that was – photos from the World Book Night event last Saturday where I spoke about how reading builds empathy, the importance of literacy and read from my picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move.

Thanks for my publisher Pegasus Publishers and the illustrator Jamie O’Neill. Also to Devon LifeThe Reading Agency and Stoke Lodge Hotel where the day was held.

Donna Eden and Innersource stock my picture book ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’

Thank you to Donna Eden who is one of the inspirations for the main character of my children’s picture book Donna and Dermot on the Move. It’s about a girl and her dog and how they cope with the change of moving house. Today it’s available from Innersource, Donna’s organisation. Here is the link:

Reading ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’ in Newton Abbot


Myself with Alex and his lovely Easter bonnet at Passmore Edwards Centre library in Newton Abbot this morning. I was delighted to be given the chance to read my picture book about moving house Donna and Dermot on the Move to the children and parents there. It has been illustrated by Jamie O’Neill and published by Pegasus Publishers.

The library has a copy and you can also buy it on Amazon and

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Some upcoming classes in Totnes in April and May



Some upcoming classes I am holding at The Arcturus Clinic.

In April: Boost your energy by learning the Eden Energy Medicine daily energy routine. This routine has given me a stronger immune system and greater mental clarity. It’s simple to do and is only five minutes long.

In May: Learn Reiki with my Reiki 1 class for self healing and for doing Reiki on family and friends.

This course includes:

– A course guide
– Four attunements to be opened to Reiki energy
– A history of Reiki
– The Reiki principles and precepts
– Self healing
– Treating others
– Aura and Chakras
– The first 21 days

For more info contact me on 07983216793 or

If you would like to book, the Daily Energy Routine workshops are £15 and the Reiki 1 workshop is £100

To book bank transfer details are as follows:

Account Name: H Kalap

Sort Code: 40 47 68

Account Number: 80622281


Plymouth Library Readings on 17th March – ‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’



I will be doing two library readings of my picture book about mindfulness Donna and Dermot on the Move on Saturday 17th March:

10:30 am at Plymstock Library in Plymouth followed by
2 pm Crownhill Library, Plymouth.

In between I hope to get time to visit Plymouth Hoe Waterfront

Join me and get a signed copy!

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