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The Benefits of Sizzling Minerals
I am 37 years old. From birth I have suffered from a Bicuspid aortic valve and therefore as a young child I had to undergo yearly to three yearly hospital admissions and lots of tests. Now at this age I still need antibiotics when I undergo serious dental treatments or am seriously injured.
Just a year ago when I went for my normal checkup, my cardiologist told me that there had been some changes in my aortic root which had dilated to 4.9 cms. If the dilation grew to 5.5 cms I would have to consider a very risky surgery.
I dislike any kind of surgery and since I have been taking Sizzling Minerals and had another test done a week ago, I can tell you that my aortic root is down to a healthy 4.4 cms. S van den Heerik, Bournemouth
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